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Intermittent Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Training (IHHT) or Intermittent Hypoxia Training (IHT) differs significantly from traditional altitude training in the mountains in several aspects.

Safety: In IHHT, oxygen conditions are artificially modulated in a controlled environment, contrasting with altitude training, where athletes experience continuously increasing hypoxic stress and hydrostatic pressure during ascent.

Duration: Compared to altitude training, which often lasts for days, weeks, or even months, IHHT consists of short, repeated phases of hypoxia and hyperoxia within a limited time frame.

Individualization: IHHT can be easily tailored to the individual goals, needs, and circumstances of the person undergoing training, while this may be more challenging or even impossible in altitude training.

Hyperoxia Phase: Unlike altitude training, IHHT includes phases with elevated oxygen concentrations that are used to optimize the training effects.

Practicality: While altitude training requires access to mountainous regions, IHHT can be performed in specialized training centers or even with portable devices, making it a more accessible option for many people.

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