More energy. More out of life


The CELLGYM health concept provides holistic and preventive care. It promotes a high quality of life. Detectable and measurable.

In order for you to remain in top condition throughout your lifetime, your must have a healthy metabolism. The CELLGYM health concept is a gentle, non-invasive method for regenerating the entire organism. Through the highly effective IHHT training stimulus, numerous biochemical processes are stimulated, which leads to self-healing and regeneration. The natural production of internal co-enzyme Q10 (the key molecule for energy production in all cells) increases, which leads to increased protection from oxidative stress. This strengthens the immune system and can activate fat metabolism, which supports weight loss. During IHHT, patients train their cells in a supine position. At least two workouts a week within four weeks will yield a measurable biological effect through the improved production of energy in all cells.


A sustained regeneration of cellular metabolism can only be achieved through regular cell training. The IHHT applications should be repeated on a weekly basis. Depending on medical history, substitution with vital nutrients may be necessary in order to achieve the desired success with IHHT. The success is immediately visible to the patient after each treatment. It can also be measured through medical evaluations.

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