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CELLGYM increases practice revenue

Preventive medicine is the future market the 21st century During the first half of our lives, we put strain on our health in order to earn money. During the second half, we invest money in order to restore our health.

The secondary healthcare market allows people to lead a vigorous life and guarantees economic success to the healthcare providers. Healthy people are the growth market of the 21st century In Europe, the vitality of a human being has a high social preference. People pay good money for improved health and the associated increase in quality of life. Over-ageing is accompanied by chronic diseases, which creates an additional demand for healthcare.

The secondary healthcare market is booming!

For many years, the secondary healthcare market, which includes privately financed health counselling or even spa services, has seen increased revenues. This market is the most important industry in Germany and also the largest in Europe. In 2011, privately financed health services and products created revenues of over 70 billion Euro. The private self-interest in these issues grew by almost 14% between 1995 and 2010. Experts expect an increase to 17% in the next decade. In Europe, Germany ranks fifth place after Switzerland, Austria, Norway, and Denmark. The CELLGYM health concept is a guarantee for the practice. It supports both therapeutic and preventative applications.

Kondratiev cycles

The scientist Nikolai Kondratiev thought that great inventions trigger large growth spurts when people are missing something crucial. Because health will become increasingly important in an ageing society, it is the next frontier of scarcity.


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